offtopic: math4managers: problem solution <= problem analysis

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The quality of a solution to a problem is at best as good as the problem analysis.
Your problem-solving skills can never be better than your problem-analyzing skills.
It’s like in a math text problem: if your analysis of the situation is incorrect, even the best math computing skills will still lead to a wrong result.

E.g., if you receive an email with a problem description, and you do not read the email carefully enough and misinterpret the problem stated, and you draw conclusions based on this incorrect problem analysis, then the solution will be poor – even if your thought process is perfectly fine – but just because it is based on the wrong analysis.

By the way, in the bible, in John 9, 1 – 3, the disciples also draw conclusions based on an incorrect problem analysis. Then Jesus open their eyes to a new reality, and solves the problem in a new way.

Thus, it is wise and worthwhile to take the time to analyze properly with methods and with prayer before you take the next step in the decision-making process.

Do you agree?

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