Hamburg und ich bin dabei

May I introduce myself as one of the triathletes.

Mathias Groß
Age: 24
Grown up: Reichenbach Saxony
Residence: Leonberg Stuttgart
Job: Cutting Machine Operator
Presently: Internship: Work with young adults who had have an earlier criminal background and reintegration of them in our society.
Hobbies: triathlon, table tennis, read books, travel to foreign countries
Favorite verse: Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


My Motivation:

> In a few months a couple of thousand people will be at their physical and
> mental limit at one of the largest triathlon in the World at the 20 of July
> 2013. As I read the first sentence I get very excited and also a little
> bit nervy about this day, but in a good way. I like the principle to connect
> with people everywhere: it will be a great moment to be together with so
> many athletes who have the same love for this sport as I do. I think that
> this can have great potential to share Christ even if it´s just the little
> things, like living out being a good role model for others: who knows what
> may happen.
> Some of the Athletes do triathlon for live and others try to fill their
> lives with it and that can be a great point to meet them right where they
> are. Make Christ known where we are with what we have, will be so much fun as
> I am competing with my best friends. That’s giving me great motivation to
> be faster as my friends and also fighting for a speedy time to raise money
> for Christian projects that my hard is beating for.  I am looking forward
> to this day fully of excitement.

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