The toughlovingwiserelaxed running mentor

This morning I went jogging in an unknown forest. I was on my own. It was cold and slightly drizzling. The trail led steep uphill into the forest. Then the trail continued medium steep uphill. Even so I started slowly, pretty soon the breathing became harder and harder. But I continued on until the steepness turned into a flat forest trail, and my breathing became more regular. After 20 minutes or so I turned around and made my way back to the place where I was staying – unfortunately the shower later only produced cold water, but I definitely needed a shower, even if it was with cold water:)

On my way back some thoughts crossed my mind:
The tough running mentor would have challenged me to continue on with the uphill running even so the muscles hurt and the breathing became harder and harder.
The toughloving running mentor would have suffered with me and had accepted passages in which I was almost walking – instead of running – to recognize my limitations, and with his encouragements would have carried me through this difficult passages.
The toughlovingwise running mentor would have known when the last hill was coming and would have known how to activate my last reserves, because he had the experience and the wisdom to focus my strength on the pivotal points in the running trail.
The toughlovingwiserelaxed mentor would have laughed at himself and would have found something to rejoice at, when he had missed the right turn at one of crossings on the way back, at a time when I was already pretty drained and almost desperate to get back to my room in the guesthouse.
That’s the kind of running mentor I need!
What kind of mentor do you need?

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