The next level

The highest goal of our first triathlon was to cross the finish line in time limit. After achieving that, the next level just can be to decrease the own time. So we train harder, improve the technical skills and enhance the quality of the equipment. One big step in this direction we made 2 months ago at a neoprene-test-swim. A chance to try on several swim-suits. At the last triathlon we were swimming just in shorts in a 17°C cool River. This experience taught us that muscles don’t work properly in cold conditions. 😉 So we decided to invest in a neoprene-suit. And after the first meters of swimming you already could sense the effect of buoyancy. Very cool! For me (Christoph) as a at most moderate swimmer it was a surprising experience! While swimming without a neo feels like having a water-resistance as a fridge, it’s like changing your body into a streamlined fish! 😉

So, we will see how big the effect in Hamburg will be. And we still train hard for every minute!


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