Good on the surface is not good enough

Last week’s painful swimming lesson for me: Good on the surface is not good enough.
Over the last months I could really improve my crawl swim style. Now it looks (almost) perfect – on the surface. But as soon as you watch me underwater, you can see that I invest most of my muscle strength to get the water under me – but not behind me. That’s the wrong direction, and an enormous waste of energy, which slows me down.
It doesn’t help much to learn from google that this is a pretty typical mistake of hobby swimmers. The conseqeunce for me is that I need to relearn my crawly style! That is much harder than to learn it right in the beginning. Usually in any relearning process it gets worse first, before it gets better.

Today was my first “crawl relearn” day. My crawl was worse than ever before – as could be expected (but why could I not be the exception, where the relearn just happens from one moment to the other???). Now I hope it will get better before I start in Hamburg on July 20 for the Triathlon4Afrika!
Any tips to shorten or avoid the relearning phase are most welcome!

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