Ending up much longer as I wanted it to be …

Today I thought to head out with my road bike for a short but fast ride and have planned out to be back after 40 K not more. It went very well so I decided to go a little further after 30 K even I felt my leg muscles were already getting weaker from riding almost as fast as possible. I didn´t know that the way I picked would force me to go 75 K to get me back home. After a while, not thinking about the time I realized it´s going to be late what pressured and motivated me to keep up my speed. I found myself feeling dizzy shortly after 55 K and hated to know how far I still had to go. I struggled so much either to slow down or keep the speed. I decided to put out everything I have and got lucky wise to the point of having no pain and getting new power. In the flat I made up 33 K per hour and even on some strongly hill inclines was the full intension my first mind set. I was ridding straight through without taking breaks and could ride 75 K with an average speed of 27 K per hour.

The secret of riding so fast was just the fact of having time pressure and overcoming the opportunity to give up at certain points. All in all was that one of the most effective trainings on my road bike so far. Now I can barely take all of the 30 stairs to reach my apartment and not to pass out.


Best Mathias

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