„Triathlon4Afrika“ supports Project Hannah in Africa

projecthannah-72_600When on July 20/21 more than 10,000 people participate in the world’s biggest triathlon in Hamburg, among them will be seven people – one woman, six men – with a unique mission: they swim, cycle, and run to raise funds for three projects with ERF/TWR in Africa, one of them being Project Hannah in Africa.
So far supporters have already promised more than 12,000 Euro for the projects in Africa – depending on how fast the triathletes finish their race in Hamburg.
There are two ways to support the triathletes in their race for the people in Africa (for details see here and scroll down for English):

  1. A donation to ERF for “Triathlon4Afrika”, or
  2. A commitment to support one of the triathletes with a certain amount for every minute he/she finishes under the maximum time. Just send the amount and the name of the triathlete to international@erf.de (The triathletes are: Tobias Bernhardt, Thorsten Grahn, Mathias Groß, Manuel Kosak, Hanna Schmid, and Reiner Straßheim)
    An example why it is important to support Project Hannah in Africa:

    A listener from Kenya: „Your continued counsel and prayers have sustained my life. When my husband married a second wife, he chased me away and barred me from visiting my children. I was deeply hurt and felt deprived of my dignity as a wife and mother. One time I thought of taking my life away. But with your countless calls you kept encouraging me. Now I can visit my children again and talk with them. I praise God and have given my life to him.“

    We are thankful for your support, and we promise to give our best for Africa. All donations go to 100% into the projects for Africa!
    Feel free to send this information on to your friends, if you think that they might be interested in this initiative!

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