The time has come!

The time has come! Just a few more days, then the registration for the world biggest tri on July 12/13 2014 in Hamburg opens. Usually the 10,000 open slots are quickly sold out.

Among the participants of the Hamburg triathlon are also the triathletes, who are part of the initiative “Triathlon4Africa”, who use their participation as a means to raise funds for projects in Africa.

The registration for the triathlon in Hamburg starts on Dec 12, 2013. You can either register for the Sprint distance (500 m swim, 22 km bike, 5 km run) or for the Olympic Distance (1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run). The Sprint takes place on Saturday, July 12, the Olympic distance on Sunday, July 13.

You can either do all three triathlon disciplines yourself, or you find two friends, and register as a relay team, in which each person has to do only one discipline.

For triathlon newcomers we recommend:

Sprint Distance

(0.5 km/22 km/5 km)

Olympic Distance

(1.5 km/40 km/10 km)

you alone

for amateurs, who want to  know how it feels to finish a triathlon

for ambitious & trained athletes, who need real challenges to grow

in a relay team

for all, who want to know how it feels to be part of the world’s biggest tri

for ambitious & trained athletes, who want to focus on one triathlon discipline only

All triathletes, who want to combine their participation in the world’s biggest tri with the fundraising campaign  „Triathlon4Africa“ should put in the keyword/cue „Tri4A“ in the registration form. It makes sure that those triathletes for Africa, who choose the same distance, will all start at the same time.

Usually the tri in Hamburg is sold out rather quickly after registration has opened. Thus it is important to register as soon as possible. And, the sooner you register, the longer you can anticipate the big even, and get body, soul and mind in shape for it:-)

You still need more reasons to register for the triathlon in Hamburg and to join the triathlon4Africa- Team? How about this

Why Triathlon, why Hamburg,  why Triathlon4Africa in Hamburg, why you:

Heike-Tri4AI’m a supporter of the Triathlon4 Africa, because I’ inspired by people who think outside the box. I’m inspired by people that go to the limits of their own capacity and even beyond, in order to contribute to higher goal, that’s worth striving for. The personal investment of those triathletes is remarkable! (Heike Huhn, Austria)

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