Don’t wait for “Sorry!”


copyright: Frank Wechsel/spomedis

If you want to be fast – don’t wait for a sorry! It happened 20 m before the end of the 200 m swim course. I got a “watschen” with a paddle from the swimmer who passed me on the other lane. He had not seen me. I had not recognized him either. He crawled with paddles, one of which met my left cheek. I immediately stopped in the water, got my head out of the water, and waited for an explanation or excuse.

It took a few seconds before he said “Sorry!” I replied “ok” and continued my swimming. I still finished in 4 min for 200 m, which is not bad for me. However, if I had not waited for the “Sorry” of the other swimmer, I would have been faster! His “Sorry” was only good for me feeling right, but it did not make a difference in reaching my goal – except that it cost me valuable seconds.

I learnt that if I want to reach my goal fast – I better don’t wait for a sorry! Maybe that is not only true for my swim training, but can be applied to daily life situations as well?

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