We need your support – 4Africa!

tria-fb-picOnly two more weeks! On July 12, the world’s biggest tri starts in Hamburg. It will be my 3. Triathlon4Africa – to raise funds for projects for the people in Africa. 500 m swim in the Alster, then 22 k cycling, and 5 k running.

The Goal: to finish as fast as possible in order to raise as many funds as possible for Africa. My personal goal: to finish 53 min under the maximum time, which is 2 h 15 min for the sprint distance. This would mean a new personal record. I hope that my cold/flu is gone by then, otherwise my goal will be lowered to just crossing the finish line 🙂

If you like you can support me with a donation for Africa for every minute which I finish under the maximum time. Your support – whether small or big – would mean a lot for me, and will make an even bigger difference for the people in Africa.

By the way, in the same way you can also support any other of the 11 other great triathletes4Africa – like Sabine, Reiner, Christian, Christoph, or Philip. Each of them will be extremely thankful and encouraged by your support, and all donations will go to help people in Africa.

Here you’ll find more information about the triathlon4Africa. And here a short clip about the Triathlon4Africa 2013.

Feel very free to get back to me with any comment/question/feedback.




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