The 2015 Triathlon4Africa challenge (with English video)

The 2015 „Triathlon4Africa“ challenge: 50 triathletes raise 50.000 Euro for Africa!

We need your participation to make this happen – for Africa! What we need more than any money are people who participate as triathletes for Africa.

You have never done a triathlon before? Great! Hear what this year’s T4A-rookies say about their first triathlon experience.

You can choose between four options to become a triathlet4Africa – with increasing challenge level:

  1. As one of three members in a Sprint distance relay. You  do only one discipline: either 500 m swim, or 22 km cycling, or 5 km running.
  2. As one of three members in an Olympic distance relay. You do only one discipline: either 1500 m swim, or 40 km cycling, or 10 km running.
  3. You do a full Sprint distance on your own. You do 500 m swim plus 22 km cycling plus 5 km running.
  4. You do a full Olympic distance on your own. You do 1500 m swim plus 40 km cycling plus 10 km running.

Why not pre-register now – no costs and strings attached! – and start already dreaming of T4A 2015 🙂

Write to me (Thorsten) at international (at) I look forward to hearing from you – questions are welcome!

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