First triathlon at 58 … 4 Africa!

Hi Steve, what is your motivation to join the Triathlon4Africa 2015 in Hamburg? “I want to help raise funds for Africa and I want the challenge and fun of taking part in this event.”

Do you have any previous triathlon experience? “No! This will be my first Tri!”

What will be your biggest challenge? „My biggest challenge will be finding the time to train. I have a heavy schedule in the next six months.”

What is your desired finish time? “My desired finish time is within 24 hours! Seriously, I have no idea what to expect, and simply hope to finish!”

Thank you, Steve, for coming over from the US to Hamburg – just to swim, bike, run, and sweat for our friends in Africa!

We still need many more men and women like Steve who join our Triathlon4Africa-Team 2015 in Hamburg. Our goal: 50+ participants raise 50+ thousand Euro for projects in Africa! Come and join the team and register today!

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