Project for Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon



Dieses Projekt unseres Partners AEM für syrische Flüchtlingskindern im Libanon ist eines der drei Projekte, die durch den Triathlon4Refugees unterstützt werden. Die Projektinformationen kommen direkt vom libanesischen Partner LSESD – Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development. Deshalb hier auf Englisch 🙂

Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development – To serve the church in Lebanon and the Arab World through spiritual, social and educational development

The pressures on refugees are significantly increasing as international aid is cut from bodies like the World Food Programme. In Lebanon, 89 per cent of Syrian refugee families are food insecure in 2015, an increase of 22 per cent from 2014. Although we try not to make those we help dependent on aid, many find they are increasingly reliant as it is illegal for them to work. Their savings are either seriously depleted or they are heavily in debt. Without the support of LSESD, many of the 9,000 families we are helping would be forced into drastic action to survive by reducing the number of meals they have each day, taking their kids out of school so they can work, or putting their health at risk by not spending enough money on hygiene.

The context in which LSESD works is hugely challenging with the situation on the ground changing day by day. We distribute all of our relief through local church partners and faith based organisations. We are giving them training so they can administer relief and assist as many as possible in a co-ordinated, accountable and helpful way.



The crisis in Syria and the transition into a new country have caused many Syrian refugee children to miss months, and even years of school. Many have forgotten how to read and write. In addition to the issue of lack of space in Lebanese schools, barriers to education for Syrian children include: different curriculum, language barrier (math and science are taught in English/French in Lebanon), transportation, tuition fees, extra costs (e.g. uniforms and stationery supplies), bullying, and limited psycho-social support for children who have experienced trauma. Accordingly LSESD, and through its partner churches in Lebanon, provides education projects that primarily offer basic literacy and numeracy in conjunction with psychosocial support activities.



Through this project, LSESD provides daily nutritious meals for Syrian children enrolled in LSESD’s non-formal education projects that are set up for refugee children in partnership with local partner churches who are responding to needs of families in their communities.

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